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“Wonderful to finally see a well organised operation that will complement a fantastic ballooning destination!” - Micato Safaris - .

“A dream come true..to fly in my own balloon over the Mara” – Jonas, Director – Hot Air Safaris -.

“the hot air....i rem breakfast wit visitors in mara...i wish i cld do it again and again” George Obuyaa –.

“what a morning - the migration from the balloon with the Austrian Pilot Othmar from HOT AIR Safaris” Othmar Pircher–.

“The best and reliable hot air balloon to enjoy wildbeast migration. Book with them today” Karanja Isaac Gateru–.

“Most of the clients we hv flew recoments our pilots nd all staff in general,thy normaly say the balloon flight was the highlight of there safari.” Robert Kipkrui–.

“Sometimes you have to look UP to see some amazing things.. like a FULL moon early morning takeoff! Stunning today July 24th 2013.” – Hot Air Safaris -.

“12th July 2013... Lovely little splash and dash right after spotting Male and female lions AND a Rhino quietly watching us from deep in a lugga right by the Olkeju Ronkai... Magic!.” – Hot Air Safaris -.

“This morning we flew right over massive numbers of Wildebeest.. confirming the Migration of Gnu has arrived in the Masai Mara! The picture is looking west from the south shoulder of Lookout hill... the Gnu below were moving East... Cant wait to see where they are tomorrow!.” – Hot Air Safaris -.

After a slow and wet Low season we are gearing up for a busy high season in the Masai Mara! We hear reports that the Wildebeest have started arriving in the south near the Sand River.. and we expect them to be in the Northern areas of the Reserve in a few weeks! Looking forward to seeing the Gnu again!.” – Hot Air Safaris -.


This morning we had quite a show at breakfast! 2 lionesses stalked a couple of warthogs about 400-500 meters away from us. They were on the other side of a little dip so we could see them in the tall grass! They were unsuccessful in their hunt but then sat and soaked up the morning sunshine as we both watched each other...!.” – Hot Air Safaris -.


“Wonderful to finally see a well organised operation that will complement a fantastic ballooning destination!”
- Micato Safaris-




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